quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2014

Milk campain

Greetings brothers!
At this weekend me and my group will have a activity to purchase some milk to donate at poor family's in town!
I just pray God to be well succeed!
Tell me a little about your planned activity at this week?

sábado, 27 de setembro de 2014


Hi every one,

My name is Nishi, I got the idea to make this blog for 2 reasons,
reason 1
make a lot of a new friends, meet scouts around the world and practice my very poor English...
reason 2
learn more and more about the scouting world!
well, continuing my introduction, I will give you a little information about me, I born in Brazil, in 29/1/1986 in a small city located in São Paulo, make my join on the scout movement in 1999, get my self active until 2002 when I need to move my self to Japan, I live there about 14 years so I get my self back to Brazil last year and regress to scout movement.
The big point is, I left my home country wen I was a Kid and now I´m married, a student (Engineering student) and also I got a job to handle...
That´s why I need Help, because, wen I left the movement I was a kid and now I regress like a volunteer, and I have no idea how the thinks works behind the scene...
So I hope my self to get some help from you guys into this part!

a Great left hand shake and